IHSA state meet proposal

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Below is the proposal for revamping the girls state meet format, advanced by the Girls Gymnastics Ad Hoc Committee. There are three parts: a cover letter and two pages of the proposal.
Coaches, please vote on this proposal (rank-ordering each of the three options) by faxing Kirk Gibson: (309) 663-7479

click here to e-mail him:


Attention all coaches:

This is the next step in changing the state meet format. It may

 seem a little redundant, but it is something that we MUST do.

There has been a distribution from the Girls Gymnastics Ad Hoc


 This form is a document listing the choices YOU need to vote 

on for the Girls State Meet Changes. These votes need to be

faxed or emailed to Kurt Gibson by JANUARY 14TH!!! or fax # 309-663-7479

Please talk to your Athletic Director to see if the faxed was

received by them.

If not please contact Kurt Gibson at .


We have also attached copies of the choices. Please make sure

you rank them all (1-3) so that your vote counts.



Please read below: this is from the IHSA Message board:

12/15 new request: Girls Gymnastics state series restructuring

At their December 7, 2009, meeting, the IHSA Girls’ Gymnastics

Ad-Hoc Committee, charged with reviewing the structure of the

girls’ gymnastics state series, reviewed the proposals submitted

by member schools earlier this school term.

Through discussion of the proposals, the committee considered

three possible solutions, each with their own unique benefits and

possible challenges. The committee would like member schools

with girls’ gymnastics teams to review these three solutions, rank

them in order from 1-3, with 1 being a school’s most favored

option, etc., and reply to the IHSA Office with their rankings by

 January 14, 2010.


The complete memo describing each solution and some of the

discussion points made at the Ad-Hoc Committee’s last meeting

will be broadcast faxed to the athletic director at each school who

has a team entered into the girls’gymnastics state series. If, for

some reason, your school doesn’t receive the fax, please contact

Kurt Gibson or Laura Sutton at the IHSA Office.

PROPOSAL, page 1
(we recommend viewing the proposal at 150 percent or higher)


PROPOSAL, page 2


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