Senior National Team
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Brinkworth All-Star Meet flier


The DuPage Valley Conference team won the first John Brinkworth All-Star Meet championship, and the attendent bragging rights, Saturday at Niles North.

The DVC scored 167.15 for a comfortable victory over the runners-up, representing the Independents Conference (158.06). The Mid-Suburban League West Division gymnasts nipped their counterparts from the Central Suburban League, 156.25-156.23 for third.

The Mid-Suburban League East Division recorded a strong fourth-place score of 155.375. The West Suburban Silver (149.87), West Suburban Gold (137.80) and Southwest Suburban (114.55) rounded out the conference team standings.

The team standings were built on several outstanding individual performances, led by a remarkable 9.95 on still rings from Mike Wilner of Stevenson which benefitted the Independents.

Mike Brackmann delivered a 9.80 on horizontal bar, which earned first place over a 9.60 from Wheaton Warrenville co-op teammate Darren Fill.

Fill (9.55) led a DVC sweep of the top three places in floor exercise. Ryan Kennedy of Glenbard North had a 9.50 and Josh Soto of Naperville North added a 9.45.

The DVC received another event championship from Dave Rynearson of Naperville Central. Rynearson drew a 9.40 in vaulting.

The Independents' Craig Breckenridge of Libertyville took first in pommel horse (9.50).

The Central Suburban League had a parallel bars winner, Robbie Brown of Highland Park/Deerfield co-op (9.50).

There was no formal all-around competition and no all-around championship was awarded.

If there had been, Fill would have taken first with what SGS believes is a career-best 56.30. Independents Wilner (55.10) and Breckenridge (55.0) had the next-highest, six-event totals. Kennedy and Palatine's Damian Przystal of the MSL West, contributed 54.95 and 53.00 points to their respective teams.



1. DuPage Valley Conference (DVC) 167.15

2. Independents Conference (IC) 158.06

3. Mid-Suburban League West Division (MSLW) 156.25

4. Central Suburban League (CSL) 156.23

5. Mid-Suburban League East Division (MSLE) 155.375

6. West Suburban Conference Silver Division (WSS) 149.87

7. West Suburban Conference Gold Division (WSS) 137.80

8. Southwest Suburban Conference (SWSC) 114.55


1. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.55

2. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 9.50

3. Josh Soto (DVC) 9.45

4. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 9.40

5. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 9.35

6. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 9.30

7. Matt Rakow (WSS) 9.25

8. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 9.20

9. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 9.10

10. Mike Wilner (IC) 9.05

11. Robbie Brown (CSL) 9.00

12. Jaren Hinz (MSLW) 8.85

13T. Alex Lin (MSLW) 8.80

13T. Dave Rynearson (DVC) 8.80

13T. Luke Schubert (WSS) 8.80

16. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 8.75

17T. Tomasz Kasprzyki (WSG) 8.70

17T. Chris Koch (IC) 8.70

17T. Jerry Kurty (MSLE) 8.70

17T. Jonah Ruffer (CSL) 8.70

21T. Nick Alcazar (MSLE) 8.60

21T. Nick Dawson (IC) 8.60

23. Kyle Chamberlain (MSLE) 8.50

24. Chris Williams (CSL) 8.40

25. Damian Zukowski (MSLE) 8.30


1. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 9.50

2. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 9.20

3. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.15

4. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 9.10

5. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 8.80

6. Marc Herff (MSLE) 8.60

7. Josh Soto (DVC) 8.55

8. Steve Rink (MSLW) 8.50

9T. Luke Schubert (WSS) 8.40

9T. Mike Wilner (IC) 8.40

11. Brian Oh (CSL) 8.30

12. Robbie Brown (CSL) 8.20

13. Damian Zukowski (MSLE) 8.00

14. Lee Walter (WSS) 7.90

15. Nick Alcazar (MSLE) 7.80

16. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 7.50

17. Alec Sander (DVC) 7.30

18. Sean Murphy (MSLW) 7.20

19. Andrew Berg (CSL) 7.10

20T. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 7.00

20T. Alex Lin (MSLW) 7.00

22T. Joshua Phua (MSLW) 6.90

22T. Matt Rakow (WSS) 6.90

24. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 6.80

25. Scott Pieri (CSL) 6.70


1. Mike Wilner (IC) 9.95

2. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.50

3. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 9.45

4. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 9.40

5. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 9.30
6. Scott Marthinsen (IC) 9.26

7. Evan Reynolds (MSLE) 9.25

8. Marc Herff (MSLE) 9.20

9T. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 8.90

9T. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 8.90

11T. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 8.80

11T. Josh Soto (DVC) 8.80

13. Luke Schubert (WSS) 8.75

14. Steve Rink (MSLW) 8.70

15. Manny Magbanua (CSL) 8.45

16. Humberto Aguilar (WSG) 8.40

17T. Charlie Fisher (DVC) 8.30

17T. Jake Kobler (MSLW) 8.30

19. Robbie Brown (CSL) 8.25

20T. Anthony Colant (WSG) 8.20

20T. Chris Koch (IC) 8.20

22. Vince Gottardo (MSLW) 8.10

23. Eugene Blackmon (MSLE) 8.05

24. Nate Wiegand (WSS) 8.00

25. Harrison Meyer (WSS) 7.80


1. Dave Rynearson (DVC) 9.40

2. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 9.31

3. Scott Marthinsen (IC) 9.30

4T. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 9.20

4T. Mike Wilner (IC) 9.20

6. Eugene Blackmon (MSLE) 9.175

7. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 9.15
8. Robbie Brown (CSL) 9.12

9T. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 9.10

9T. Kyle Chamberlain (MSLE) 9.10

9T. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.10

9T. Luke Schubert (WSS) 9.10

13T. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 9.00

13T. Jordan Colovos (MSLW) 9.00

13T. Matt Rakow (WSS) 9.00

13T. Ricky Stodulski (MSLE) 9.00

13T. Chris Williams (CSL) 9.00

18T. Vince Gottardo (MSLW) 8.90

18T. Alex Lin (MSLW) 8.90

20T. Zach Ciszek (MSLW) 8.70

20T. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 8.70

20T. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 8.70

23T. Chris Koch (IC) 8.60

23T. Jonah Ruffer (CSL) 8.60

23T. Dan Smith (WSG) 8.60


1. Robbie Brown (CSL) 9.50

2. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.40

3. Eugene Blackmon (MSLE) 9.30

4. Lee Walter (WSS) 9.15

5. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 9.10

6. Mike Wilner (IC) 9.10

7. Steve Rink (MSLW) 8.95

8. Luke Schubert (WSS) 8.87

9. Dave Hutchinson (WSS) 8.85

10. Matt Rakow (WSS) 8.83

11. Hantac Chang (CSL) 8.80

12. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 8.70

13T. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 8.60

13T. Josh Soto (DVC) 8.60

15. Marc Herff (MSLE) 8.50

16T. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 8.40

16T. Adam Solowiej (WSS) 8.40

18. Nick Alcazar (MSLE) 8.30
19T. Doug Cooper (MSLW) 8.20

19T. Alfredo Maldonado (IC) 8.20

19T. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 8.20

22. Kyle Siebert (MSLE) 8.10

23. Brian Oh (CSL) 8.00

24T. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 7.90

24T. Scott Marthinsen (IC) 7.90

24T. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 7.90


1. Mike Brackmann (DVC) 9.80

2. Darren Fill (DVC) 9.60

3. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 9.55

4. Mike Wilner (IC) 9.50

5. Damian Zukowski (MSLE) 9.40

6. Mike Caporali (WSG) 9.10

7T. Tim Szlembarski (WSG) 9.00

7T. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 9.00

9. Alex Lin (MSLW) 8.95

10T. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 8.80

10T. Luke Schubert (WSS) 8.90

10T. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 8.90

14T. Robbie Brown (CSL) 8.70

14T. Steve Rink (MSLW) 8.70

16. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 8.55

17. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 8.50

18. Eli Shiheiber (CSL) 8.30

19T. Nick Alcazar (MSLE) 8.00

19T. Matt Rakow (WSS) 8.00

21. Kent Evans (MSLE) 7.90

22. Pat Sidor (WSS) 7.80

23T. Marc Herff (MSLE) 7.70

23T. Alec Sander (DVC) 7.70

23T. Dan Smith (WSG) 7.70

(All-around, if there had been an all-around competition)

1. Darren Fill (DVC) 56.30

2. Mike Wilner (IC) 55.10

3. Craig Breckenridge (IC) 55.00

4. Ryan Kennedy (DVC) 54.95

5. Damian Przystal (MSLW) 53.00

6. Luke Schubert (WSS) 52.82

7. Robbie Brown (CSL) 52.77

8. Mikey Spinello (CSL) 51.81

9. Evan Hosman (SWSC) 50.50

10. Matt Rakow (WSS) 48.98

11. Tyler Yost (SWSC) 48.05

Click here to view Keith Mukai's photos from the John Brinkworth Senior All-Star meet



Events in parentheses


Key: (AA — all-around; FX — floor exercise; PH — pommel horse; SR — still rings; V — vaulting;  PB — parallel bars; HB — horizontal bar)



Central Suburban League

Andrew Berg, Maine Township co-op (PH)
Robbie Brown, Highland Park/Deerfield co-op (AA)
Hantac Chang, Niles West (PB)
John Fernandez, Maine Township co-op (V)
Manny Magbanua, Niles North (SR)
Brian Oh, Niles North (PH, SR, PB, HB)
Scott Pieri, Highland Park/Deerfield co-op (PH)
Jonah Ruffer, Highland Park/Deerfield co-op (FX, SR, V, HB)
Eli Shiheiber, Niles West (FX, HB)
Mikey Spinello, Highland Park/Deerfield co-op (AA)
Erik Suh, Niles North (PB)
Chris Williams, Niles West (FX, V)



Independents Conference

Nate Borsodi, Glenbard South (FX)
Craig Breckenridge, Libertyville (PH, SR, V, PB, HB)
Nick Dawson, Fenton (FX, V)
Josh Galus, Mundelein (HB)
Chris Koch, Fenton (FX, SR, V)
Kevin Lang, Glenbard South (PH)
Alfredo Maldonado, Mundelein (PH, PB)
Scott Marthinsen, Mundelein (SR, PB, HB)
Scott Siegel, Stevenson (AA)
Mike Wilner, Stevenson (AA)



Mid-Suburban League West Division

Zach Ciszek, Conant (V)
Jordan Colovos, Schaumburg (FX, V)
Doug Cooper, Schaumburg (PB)
Ricky Dingraudo, Conant (HB)
Vince Gottardo, Conant (SR, V, PB, HB)
Jaren Hinz, Palatine (FX)
Jake Kobler, Fremd (SR)
Alex Lin, Schaumburg (FX, PH, SR, V, HB)
Sean Murphy, Palatine (PH)
Joshua Phua, Conant (PH)
Damian Przystal, Palatine (AA)
Steve Rink, Conant (AA)
Katsuya Washida, Fremd (PB)



West Suburban Conference Gold Division

Humberto Aguilar, Addison Trail (SR)
Mario Aldamo, Leyden (FX)
Andrew Arteaga, Willowbrook (PH, V)
Mike Caporali, Leyden (FX, PH, V, PB, HB)
Tom Chrobak, Hinsdale South (PB)
Anthony Colant, Hinsdale South (SR)
Shermak Grzymala, Addison Trail (FX, PH, V, HB)
Tomasz Kasprzycki, Hinsdale South (FX)
Peter Postic, Addison Trail (SR)
Ryan Pratl, Hinsdale South (PH, V, PB)
A.J. Sansone, Leyden (PB)
Pat Sidor, Leyden (HB)
Dan Smith, Addison Trail (PH, SR, V, PB, HB)
Jose Soto, Leyden (PH)
Tim Szlembarski, Hinsdale South (FX, HB)



DuPage Valley Conference

Mike Brackmann, Wheaton Warrenville co-op (AA)
Darren Fill, Wheaton Warrenville co-op (AA)
Charlie Fisher, Wheaton Warrenville co-op (SR)
Ryan Kennedy, Glenbard North (AA)
Dave Rynearson, Naperville Central (FX, V)
Alec Sanders, West Aurora (PH, PB, HB)
Josh Soto, Naperville North (FX, PH, SR, PB, HB)
Robo Sullivan, Glenbard East (V)



Mid-Suburban League East Division

Nick Alcazar, Elk Grove (FX, PH, V, PB, HB)
Eugene Blackmon, Buffalo Grove (PH, V, SR, PB)
Kyle Chamberlain, Buffalo Grove (FX, V)
Kent Evans, Elk Grove (HB)
Marc Herff, Rolling Meadows (FX, PH, SR, PB, HB)
Jerry Kurty, Elk Grove (FX)
Arie Mellow, Buffalo Grove (V)
Jake Priester, Hersey (SR)
Evan Reynolds, Hersey (SR, HB)
Kyle Siebert, Buffalo Grove (SR, PB)
Ricky Stodulski, Prospect (V)
Erik Thorholm, Buffalo Grove (PH)
Damian Zukowski, Elk Grove (FX, PH, PB, HB)



Southwest Suburban Conference

Antione Dantzler, Homewood-Flossmoor (FX, V)
Jake Gratkowski, Lincoln-Way co-op (FX, PH, PB, HB)
Rod Haddad, Andrew/District 230 co-op (PH, SR, HB)
Evan Hosman, Lincoln-Way co-op (AA)
Ryan Reif, Lincoln-Way co-op (SR, PB)
Anthony Romito, Andrew/District 230 co-op (AA)
Tyler Yost, Lincoln-Way co-op (FX, PH, V, PB, HB)



West Suburban Conference Silver Division

Dave Hutchinson, Hinsdale Central (PH, V, PB)
Harrison Meyer, Glenbard West (SR)
Matt Rakow, Downers Grove North (AA)
Irving Ruiz, Glenbard West (V)
Luke Schubert, Downers Grove North (AA)
Adam Solowiej, Glenbard West (PH, PB, HB)
Marcus Tokpah, Glenbard West (FX, V, HB)
Lee Walter, Downers Grove North (PH, SR, PB)
Nate Wiegand, Hinsdale Central (FX, SR)


*-Greg Allison, Lincoln-Way co-op
Tyler Arl, Glenbard North
Tyler DeAnda, Glenbard North
Dante Digangi, Fremd
Chris Fahnstrom, Lyons Township
Andre Gatarano, Palatine
*-Luke Gill, Hinsdale Central
*-Zach Hulesch, Hinsdale Central
David Irsay, Palatine
*-Mike Jachura, Elk Grove
Timm Krueger, Wheaton Warrenville co-op
Lawrence Martin, Conant
*-Dan Murphy, Palatine
*-Kamil Nytko, Elk Grove
Bryan Pusateri, Stevenson
Doug Rybar, Downers Grove North
Luke Schuster, Palatine
Steve Sheehan, Hinsdale Central
Mike Spevack, Highland Park/Deerfield co-op
Kyle Staley, Lincoln-Way co-op
Jeff Trost, Lincoln-Way co-op (will not compete)
Damian Valencia, Lincoln-Way co-op
Ryan Vandenack, Glenbard North
* -- alternate