Gymnast profile

By Bill Stone

SGS co-publisher

Carlie Dobkin
Stevenson senior

Resume: 2009 state team competitor (vault) and 2008 state team competitor (vault)

What is your favorite psych-up/motivational music for gymnastics meets or practices?

“For relaxation, I listen to soft, slow, indie-alternative-rock from bands like Go Radio, Mayday Parade, Bright Eyes, or Death Cab for Cutie. To pump me up before a meet, I listen to fast pop music from bands like The Summer Set or simply mainstream music on the radio.”


What is your greatest gymnastics moment?:
“My favorite individual moment was when I was a freshman at the Rolling Meadows Invitational. I was new to the team and I had just learned a tuck Tsuk. At the meet, two girls compete on each event. I was on vault. I had never made it in a meet before and I was first up and I stuck it to receive a 9.4! Yet, my absolute favorite moment was when Stevenson won state when I was a sophomore in 2009. It truly was
unbelievable that we were undefeated that season.”


What advice about gymnastics would you give to freshmen?:
“Never give up. Hard work really does pay off. If you put a lot of effort into practice, it will show at the meets.”

If you could instantly aquire any gymnastics skill or trick, which would you choose?:

“A front handspring front on vault. That vault looks incredible every time I see girls do it. If you do it well, you are going to score high. I worked on it a little bit over the summer and it is really difficult. It takes a lot of technique to get it right so I would love to just instantly acquire the hand front!”


Other than Stevenson, where is your favorite place to compete?:

“I love the New Trier Invite that we go to (in mid-December). Usually we have to wear buns for our hairdo, but at this meet we can wear fancy, curly ponytails because New Trier gives out the Prettiest Ponytail Award. Also, we use Christmas music for our floor routines, which is a lot of fun. The whole vibe of the meet is really positive. It is a lot less stressful!”


What would make this a successful gymnastics season for you?:

“I really hope we can make it to state as a team. After last year’s disappointing end to the season, we became extremely motivated to work hard and become stronger as a team.

What five items would you select for a fantasy meal?:

“1. Brisket for the main meal, 2. Roasted broccoli and asparagus, 3. Homemade French bread, 4. A fruit salad with raspberries, peaches and blueberries, 5. My mom’s homemade pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.”


If you could bring back any canceled or discontinued TV show, which would you choose?:
“I watch a lot of TV and most of my favorite shows are still on. However, last year, ‘Lost’ ended. It was such a fascinating show. Every episode was a mystery. Some questions would be answered while
new questions would form. I loved discussing the episodes afterward. My sister and I would read online discussions and then try to formulate new theories. The last season was especially enthralling. We
definitely analyzed the show more than the regular TV viewer but it was cool that a TV show could have us contemplating good and evil and redemption.”


What is one drama movie and one comedy movie that you would like to see?:

“I would really like to see ‘The Black Swan’ and ‘Inception.’ Both of those movies got a lot of recognition and they seem very interesting. My favorite comedy movie is ‘Superbad’ because the jokes never get
old. Every time I watch it, I am always laughing. I also really liked ‘Easy A’ because it was a clever modern spin on ‘The Scarlett Letter’ and I love the actress Emma Stone.”


What would be a fantasy music concert for you?:

“All Time Low headlining the concert with support from Mayday Parade, The Maine, and Go Radio at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago during the summer. Some of those bands are really big so it would be awesome if they could perform at The Beat Kitchen, which is a really small venue downtown. That way, I could meet all of the band members!!”


If you could be any other current living person for a week, whom would you choose?:
“I would choose to be Kristin Dos Santos from the E! Entertainment Network. She reports about TV show news. She finds the latest scoop by interviewing the actors or visiting the sets. She holds my dream job. I got into the School of Communication at Northwestern University so hopefully I am one step closer to that kind of job. I want to become a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly one day.”


What three items would you bring to a deserted island?:
“1. If the island had WiFi, I would bring a computer so I could watch all my favorite shows and stay updated about the world, 2. My family because I cannot function without them. 3. An endless supply of (peanut butter and jelly) sandwiches because that is the go to meal. Hopefully, I will be able to find fruit, veggies, and fish on the island.”