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By Bill Stone
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Taylor Southworth
Lyons Township senior co-captain

 Resume: Three-time state competitor
Two-time individual state qualifier
2009 state balance beam finalist (tied for 6th)
How did you get started in gymnastics?: My older cousin was doing gymnastics, so my other cousin and I, both 4 years old, decided we wanted to be like her.
What is your greatest gymnastics moment?: Last year I had a hard time with sticking my beam routine, so when I stuck it at state and helped my team win second place, it meant a lot. 
What is the toughest injury you've overcome?: I've had back problems for a couple years and I'm usually in a lot of pain at practice. But we've learned to work around it so I can still help the team
What do you know about gymnastics now that you wish you'd known as a freshman?: It gets harder as you get older.
How do you hope to help the team as a co-captain?: We have a couple new girls this year, so I hope to be able to use my experience as a four-year varsity member to help guide them through this season.
What gymnastics skill do you remember acquiring most?: My kip. It's the first 'real' skill you learn on bars, and I was so excited.
What gymnast do you admire most?: I have a lot of respect that Shawn Johnson is able to balance going to school and being an elite athlete, but I'm a Nastia (Liukin) fan.
What would make this season successful for you?: We have a ton of potential this year, so I'd love to see everyone getting new tricks and making it to state.
What television shows can't you miss?: I love 'The Biggest Loser' and 'So You Think You Can Dance.' I DVR both of them.
What are two movies you'd like to see for the first time?: I want to see 'Despicable Me' and She's Out of My League.  From what others have told me, I think I'd enjoy them.
What items would you select for a fantasy meal?: Spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer. And I'd have to have a salad with all the toppings. Then for my main course, steak with pasta, sweet potatoes (with butter and cinnamon sugar), and garlic bread on the side -- the ones from Olive Garden. And steamed broccoli. And then for dessert, raspberry souffle. For a drink, I'll take raspberry lemonade.
If you could instantly learn to play any musical instrument, which would you choose?: The piano. I played when I was little but stopped. I wish I was one of those child prodigies.
If you could spend a week with any currently living person, who would it be?: Taylor Swift. She's so young, but she's done so much.  It'd be cool just to be able to spend a week and see what her life is actually like.
If you received a $1,000 shopping spree for any one store at any location, where would you shop?: Forever 21 or Target. They both have so many options and I would be able to get SO MUCH."
If you could receive any superpower, which would you choose?: I would want to fly, just because I think it'd be really cool. And it'd be nice if I fell off of beam.