Gymnast profile

By Bill Stone
SGS co-publisher

Monica Wolf

New Trier senior co-captain

Resume: 2008 and 2009 individual state qualifier
What is your earliest gymnastics memory?: When I was really young, I remember my sister pushing me into the middle splits in our dining room.
Do you have any superstitions or rituals for practice or meets?: Before a meet, if it is not after school, I take a certain bubble bath before getting ready and then I eat a Belgian waffle.
What is your greatest gymnastics moment?: I really can't think of one. It is just so rewarding anytime you accomplish something you have worked so hard for.
What is the best part of gymnastics practice?: The best part is helping your teammates. I really enjoy pushing them, too, because I like to see them get new tricks.
What are your memories of competing at state as a freshman and sophomore?: Well, freshman year, I was super shocked, and was completely overwhelmed when I walked into the gym. I was so nervous and didn't sit still or stop talking the whole day. Sophomore year was even more surprising though because I never saw floor as a strength of mine. It was really nice because my club coach showed up and supported me. At sectionals my junior year, I was really sick and honestly just wanted to make it through the meet, However, I was really disappointed with my performance and wished that I had qualified. Immediately following the sectional meet, I got to work in the gym and am hoping to not only to make it to state this year, but also to place. I have gotten a couple new routines and hope that it will be enough to push me to the top.
What are at least three qualities of a good gymnastics teammate?: 1. Genuinely caring about the team's performance, not only your own, and helping your teammates in any way possible. 2. Recognizing your importance on the team and seeing how your actions affect the whole team. 3. Working as hard as you can to improve yourself, thus improving the team.
f you could instantly acquire one gymnastics trick, which would you choose and why?: A blind change on bars. I can do front giants, which come after one, and I can do the turn out of the front giants into regular giants. However, I cannot seem to get a blind change placing me in the front giant position. I have worked on it for around five years and tried many different approaches, and I still am trying to get it.
What do you know about gymnastics now that you wish you knew as a freshman?: Well as a freshman I really still thought it was all about you individually, and could not seem to grip the whole team idea. Now I love my team and get that you shouldn't only want yourself to do well, but also your team.
Can you share the backstory about the picture of you doing a handstand on a tree stump (
photo in left column)?: Well, I do handstand basically everywhere, as I am sure many gymnasts do, and that stump is in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin, where we have been going all my life. That stump used to be a full tree with a swing on it, but was cut down because so many people got hurt on it. I just ran up the super-steep sand hill and did a handstand on the stump.
If you could bring back any canceled/ended television program, which would you choose?: 'Friends.' I just love the show, I have seen every episode multiple times and just love each character.
What food/drink do you enjoy that you don't/can't have as much during the season?: I don't change anything that I eat during season. Maybe I just drink more water and eat a little healthier.
If you could be a guest star on any current television show, which would you choose?: 'Criminal Minds.' It's my favorite show and I think it would be fun to play the roles of the characters.
What do you enjoy about hiking?: I love being outside and active. My family went to the boundary waters in Minnesota/Canada and my dad decided we were all going to go on a short walk to a waterfall. Well it ended up being a 12-mile hike with tons of ticks and black flies, the waterfall was merely a stream, and we ran out of water so we resorted to eating wild blueberries. Although many things seemed to go wrong, I experienced some of the most beautiful scenery with my family.
If you could tell President Obama one thing or ask him one question, what would you say?: I would tell him that I appreciate all the work he has done, and I would ask him for any advice on how to achieve something so great.
If you could be granted any superpower, which would you choose?: To fly. I am not sure if that is a power, but I think that it would be the best. You could see and experience so much and explore the beautiful sky.