How did you get started in gymnastics?
"I started doing gymnastics at a local gym when I was about 3. My mom got me into it because I would always love to do rolls all around my house."
What is your greatest gymnastics moment?
"My greatest gymnastics moment is probably the first time I won state as a Level 8 for balance beam. I was in fourth grade and I went to Gym Kinetics in Mokena."
What is the best part of gymnastics practice?
"The best part is being able to work on new skills and being able to motivate myself and all my teammates to work as hard as possible."
What did qualifying for state as a freshman mean to you? "Making it to state was amazing. I went into freshman year just trying to have fun and do my best, and making it state was just a great way to end the season. It definitely motivated me to try just as hard this year and to work to my full potential every practice and every meet."
What are three qualities of a good gymnastics teammate?
"Staying positive, motivating, and encouraging."

What is your favorite gymnastics saying?
" 'Attitude is Everything.' My best friend, Kelli Hayes, is also a varsity gymnast on our team. I tend to get down on myself after a bad meet or practice, and she always comes up to me and says that. Gymnastics has a lot to do with your attitude and you need to be positive and just try your hardest the next time around." 
How has the transition been with former assistant Allison Hack taking over as head coach from long-time head coach Char Nutter?
"The transition has been a little tough, but Coach Hack is doing a great job. We seem to be practicing a lot harder having her as a coach and our conditioning has been a lot tougher, but everyone is getting used to it."

What relatively unknown movie would you recommend?
" 'Raise Your Voice' because it teaches how to overcome tragdies and follow your dream no matter what."
If a biography were written about you, what would you choose as its title?
" 'Ups and Downs.' My life is full of different experiences. Some have been good and some have been bad. Everyone has had their good and bad points, but gymnastics has always helped me through it all."

What are five items you would select for a fantasy meal?
"Lemonade, steak, baked potato, asparagus, and homemade chocolate chip cookies."
If you could be a guest star on any current television show, which would you choose?
" 'Castle.' I love mysteries, and crimes, and it always makes me laugh."
What three items would you bring to a deserted island?
"My iPod because I go a day without listening to it. My blanket because I love to wrap up in it when I'm cold, and matches so I could start a fire, keep warm, and make food!"